Hello, I’m Lily. ✍

You know technology changes the world quickly.

In the past year tech changed:

🏡 Where we work (Hello home)

📺 How we work (Zoom calls anyone?)

🤖 Who we work with (robot coworkers anyone?)

It’s a lot to keep up with but no worries! If tech lingo makes your eyes glaze over then this blog is for you. I break down the latest trending topics and how they affect you.

Soon you’ll be dropping NFTs and virtual reality with the best of them.

Let me show you.

Psst. I write for hire too.

What People Say

Cathy Hackl, Futurist

“Lily is hands down the best writer I’ve ever worked with! I’ve been working with her to take my writing to the next level and she’s become my sensei. Her writing skills are unparalleled and she’s taught me so much about how to be an effective writer.”

David Pastore, Founder TagFX

“Lily is a delight to work with and delivers results as promised.”


I write for technology professionals who have something to say but no time to write it.