I am a software technology consultant with the soul of a writer.

I offer tech consulting and writing services.

I tell your stories in a way that captures your vision and voice. With over a decade of working in tech, I can write about any topic:

  • Blog Posts
  • Online long form articles
  • Website Copy

I believe in the power of stories. The online world is one of community and shared opinions. Nothing tells that better than a well-written story. Work with me for these advantages.


I have over 10 years of work experience with a variety of technology, clients, and projects across multiple industries.


More than a write, I’m here to advise and listen. Getting the message right takes time but with team work it can be accomplished.


Manufacturing tech, virtual reality, augmented reality, embedded systems – you name it, I get it. Technology + your idea = a successful project.


I am an IT consultant at heart. I love technology and what it can do businesses. I’ve seen software transform manufacturing lines, embedded systems bring farming into the 21st century, and virtual reality transform the way we work.


Writing is in everything we do. No matter how much images and video seem to take center stage, nothing beats a well-crafted written piece. Blog posts, sales pitches, web copy, training material – I can help you craft your message.


I’m always excited to hear a new idea from a client. I believe that projects built on creativity, energy, and drive will always succeed. I enjoy getting to work with clients that have such passion.

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It’s time to bring your project to life and find the right approach for your vision.

“Lily is a delight to work with and delivers results as promised.”

David Pastore, Founder TagFX

I love working on projects based on clear goals and expectations.

Ideas can seem to come out of thin air but final products depend on your experience, values, and stories. I can help find that balance to create a piece of work you can be proud of.
Use the best. Use Lilyotron.
If you’re ready for a change or to start from scratch, contact me. I will examine your project and offer fresh ideas and effective solutions to make it shine.


The world of technology, business, and culture are constantly changing and evolving. I believe we can make the best decisions for humanity if we explore all angles.

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