1st Quarter Refresh

The 1st Quarter Refresh is a 15 day challenge in helping you start off the year right. These daily challenges will give you focus and inspiration for the year. You can join any time, catch up on assignments here, and use the help of the printable 1st Quarter Refresh calendar. You can also catch up with fellow participants on Twitter using the hashtag #1stQuarterRefresh.

Sign up for the 1st Quarter Refresh!

Sign up for (free) 20 days of mini-challenges – designed to give you a professional head start into the New Year.

Clean out your swag bag

If you’re anything like me, I love all the little pieces of swag you get at conferences. Pens? Hand them…

How to Decide What to Work on Next

This week we’re focusing on cleaning out our metaphorical “play place”. The play space is the area in our lives…


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