How I became Lilyotron

I got the nickname Lilyotron in high school when my brother made fun of me being a nerd. I enjoyed playing around with HTML and thought it was so cool when I figured out how to create a hosted website (remember GeoCities?). Instead of getting upset at my little brother I embraced it and made the nickname my own.

In college, I used Lilyotron as a name for a business case presentation for a website where you could create your own model horse. Maybe I could still make that business case come true with the availability of 3D printers.

Lilyotron became my identity as a someone who had a passion for bringing IT and people together; someone who was confident and knowledgeable. Information technology is ever-changing, expanding, and becoming more complex. So am I.

Now I have been an IT consultant for 9 years and counting. Lilyotron inspires me to continue being my best and to be an expert in my field while inspiring others about the awesomeness of information systems, virtual reality and working in the cool industry that is IT.