Digital Transformation, just another Fad?

The term “Digital Transformation” creates an imagery of seamless processes and endlessly connected devices. Data transfers without hesitation between machines and business is booming. Digital Transformation is no daydream.

Digital Transformation is the changes to society affected and pushed by digital technology. It is the mash-up of cloud services, Big Data, mobility, and social media to re-imagine business process and deliver services to customers on a whole new level. Some may wonder if this is another term that will die off in the next few months. Below I explain the reasons why Digital Transformation is the next technology trend that you should be prepping your business strategy for.

Not just another Digital Fad

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Technology maturity

Technologies that make up the ability for digital transformation to occur have reached an appropriate maturity. The maturity of these technologies allows them to converge together, making them the perfect tools for innovation and transformation.

Just a few years ago, we wondered how to tackle mobile if apps or mobile websites would win. Now we know apps are the way to go. Companies like Uber are taking cloud, mobile, and social technology to create an unstoppable business advantage.

Acceptance of digital

Acceptance of digital, such as mobile and wearable tech, is growing more and more every day. Not only is digital accepted by customers but those digital services are expected as default by many (every company website should have customer chat support). Customers also expect to be tailored to without having to say anything about themselves.

By using the mash-up of digital technology and services, companies can create unique profiles of their customers to not just market too but to truly serve their needs, taking the customer/business relationship to a whole new level.

Innovation, engagement, and communities

Digital Transformation is not as much about the technology used as it is about the innovation, engagement, and connected communities it can create. Digital Transformation challenges leaders to use technology to develop new business processes and strategies.

This transformation enables employees to not just share but act on their ideas. It takes out the monotony to inspire creative, on the job thinking.

Digital transformation breaks down silos

Digital Transformation breaks down silos so that departments work together to create better made, customer-relevant products. Strategies inspired by the possibility of digital can be used to cut down time and labor to test products.

This can be done by using real-time analytical data to create better products. Instead of starting from scratch, digital technologies can analyze data based on customer feedback, manufacturing data, and engineering specs to create more relevant products.

Digital strategy

Creating a digital strategy is the ultimate out of the box thinking experiment. It may seem scary or impossible but companies are already making changes today. It is uncertain how exactly to execute a digital transformation strategy as they are unique to each individual industry and business.

However, it is important to note that once digital transformations happen there is no going back and they happen incredibly fast. This is one bandwagon that you’ll want to hop on.

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2 responses to “Digital Transformation, just another Fad?”

  1. I agree completely. The digital transformation is as much about culture in a company, as technology. Soon, culture will be driving the transformation. Companies won’t be able to continue waiting on this.

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    1. Hi David, Thanks for the comment! It will be exciting to see how digital transformation takes shape, especially in manufacturing environments.


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