How Virtual Reality Gives Business People Super Powers

Ever wonder how virtual reality applies to the business world? Have you thought about how to implement this technology in your everyday work? Click below the presentation I gave about the benefits of virtual reality at IIEX Europe 2017.


Virtual reality is the technology to bring online conferencing into the 21st century. Traditional conferencing tools like teleconference and web-conference technologies do not provide the full range of communication needed to work remotely without supplemental travel.

Virtual reality will be the new face of media because companies like, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are investing heavily in this space. We are also starting to see user-generated content (in the form of 360-degree video) which will further drive adoption.

Researchers have been experimenting with virtual reality since the late 1990s. See this post where I listened to first hand to these researchers talk about their experience with VR. We can continue to get a more well-rounded view of our users because virtual reality hardware has sensors that can be used to analyze our biometric data such as heart rate, mood, and facial expressions.

When we think beyond the obvious uses for new technology, we will harness the superpower that is virtual reality!

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4 responses to “How Virtual Reality Gives Business People Super Powers”

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