Day 4: The HTC Vive Becomes Essential for Life

Today I had two meetings scheduled in rumii. The first one, was kind of a bust because I couldn’t get the HTC Vive to be found by the computer. I started SteamVR and it showed that everything was connected. I started up rumii and it ran without a problem. I put on the Vive, put it displayed darkness.

I went back to my laptop.  The HMD icon on SteamVR showed that the Vive was is rest mode. SteamVR claimed that all I needed to do was move the HMD a little and it would wake up. Shouldn’t the Vive have woken up when I put it on my head then?

By now I was running late for my meeting. I ended up attending the rumii meeting outside of virtual reality. This wasn’t a problem because rumii runs on desktop mode (insert plug for Doghead Simulations here :)).

After my meeting, I went back to SteamVR to figure out the headset issues. However, now it showed an exclamation mark over the light boxes. I hovered my mouse over the icons. A message displayed that the firmware is out of date. How could that be already when I just plugged them in for the first time 3 days ago? Oh well, they are lit up green so I decided to save that project for another day.

Fast forward a few hours later.

It was time for my second meeting of the day in rumii. We had the Doghead Simulations weekly leadership standup.

The leadership meeting lasted 45 minutes but my feet didn’t hurt like the other day. This is probably because we were walking around rumii. We went around the building (you can describe a virtual environment that way, right?) checking out the updates to the lighting and details put into the space.

Later in the night my husband and I decided to spend some time in the Vive instead of watching Netflix. It was fun to mix up routine, especially since we’re in a show hold at the moment (if you have anything to recommend, let me know!).

I watched on the laptop as my husband walked Richie’s Plank, and then jumped off of it. On the fire level, he found the flames around the city and put them out much faster than I did. I think the difference is that I simply enjoyed flying around the city where he likes the object part of the game.

Richie's Plank Experience
VR brings out the two year old artist in us.

After Riche’s Plank Experience, we decided to give Everest VR one more shot. For some reason, it worked without issue for my husband. I watched in envy as he offered food to the mountain, crossed dangerous crevices on shaky ladders, and dodged falling backpacks while climbing up the steep slopes of Everest.

Everest VR
Climbing Mt. Everest.

Tweet: It turns out the HTC Vive is good for both work and play. @lilyotronIt turns out the HTC Vive is good for both work and play. It is quickly becoming an essential tool in my everyday life.

What do you think? Do you see virtual reality becoming a part of your every day life? Let me know!

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