If You Read an Article About Wonder Woman, Read This One

This can’t be the blog of Lilyotron without me writing about Wonder Woman.

I am not one of those people who had any doubts about this movie. I knew it would be awesome. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was the best part about Batman vs. Superman. She smiled while she was fighting the main bad guy in the movie, Doomsday. While Batman and Superman grunted and frowned while taking hits, Wonder Woman smiled. It was as if the fight was a fun sparring match. That solidified Gal Gadot and the character of Wonder Woman as badass in my book.

When the trailers started coming out, I felt so excited. The guitar riff ignited an energy, an excitement for me. This was going to be more than just another movie. It was going to be an, “I told you so” to anyone who doubted a female lead super hero. If anything was going against the movie, it was DC but Patty Jenkins, the director, put all doubt to rest.

I went to see Wonder Woman with my husband and some of my guy friends. We lucked out with a nice theater that had recliner seats. We got our go to movie snacks; popcorn and candy. The lights dimmed, we donned our 3D glasses, the movie started to play, and I felt tears welling up. That was a surprise. I couldn’t help but tear up at seeing little Diana sneak into the training grounds to copy the fighting moves of her aunt. She was little, ferocious, and reminded me of myself. After the movie, when I logged online I apparently wasn’t the only person to tear up during the film.

Here is a super hero who is doing what is right. She wasn’t over-sexualized (although why they put her in heels I don’t know) or invincible right off the bat. She was strong and smart without being annoying. As one YouTuber put it, “you forget you’re watching a woman. Instead you’re watching the hero.”

I thought that Chris Pine‘s character, Steve Trevor was well done also. He played a strong man without needing to “mansplain” to Wonder Woman. I also appreciated that Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor didn’t get too romantic together. They formed a believable connection but kept to their mission. They realized that they had to accomplish something bigger than themselves before they could ever be together.

I left the theater energized and feeling positive about womanhood. There has been so much complaining of sexism and “woman vs. man” commentary online that has really dragged me down. I’m not discounting it, I just think we need more positivity. Let’s focus on woman power, let’s focus on men and women working together to be world heroes like Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.


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