Writing Challenge: Write 150 letters in 30 Days


Last Christmas I received a huge box of stationary as a present. The paper quality is really nice. My name and address are typed across the top of each page. The problem is, I’m moving in a month and I still have a ton of letters left to write!

They say to be a great writer you need to write every day. I had it in my mind that I needed to write a blog post every day. I tried it for one week but it was too much. I was mentally annihilated by the end!

Instead, I am challenging myself to use up the stationary before I move. That means I have to write 4-5 letters per day to use it all up in time.

Writing is important because no matter what job you’re in, you most likely have to write. Writing succinct, clear messages is an important skill to have. If you think about it, we write emails, reports, IMs, outlines, and presentations. Some of us write blog posts, social media posts, and updates to our resumes.

I still write physical letters. I write letters to friends and in business. Sending a physical letter adds a personal touch. It makes a personal or business relationship stronger than those who simply send another email. I’ve heard second hand how much someone appreciated a letter I sent them.

Join the challenge with me to become a better writer! Try writing just one letter a day.


Who we can write to:

  • A mentor
  • People we met at a networking event
  • Someone we look up to on LinkedIn
  • Contacts we made at a conference
  • Write to a great aunt or uncle

What we can write about:

  • Passion projects
  • A personal story that relates to the person we’re writing
  • A memory that made you think of the person you’re writing
  • A problem you need help solving
  • Send an appreciation card to a boss, co-worker, or mentor



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