Virtual Reality

Is Virtual Reality Mainstream Yet?

It’s an exciting time for virtual reality (VR). Less and less do I have to explain what VR is. Instead, I talk more about how it’s being used and what the best ways to experience it are. Applications for virtual reality are popping up everywhere. I see most of it on the corporate side with […]

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The Booth Babe Dilemma

This story was updated in July, 2019 with CES’s new clothing policy for the show. There is a certain perception of women at tech conferences and trade shows. This came about when Doghead Simulation’s CMO, Amber Osborne, received an email referring to her as “David”. In 2016 Amber was ranked as the #2 Top Most […]

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2018 News, Updates, and Announcements

Wow! When did it become January again? Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been exploring micro-blogging on Instagram these past few months. It’s been fun! 2017 was a crazy, action-packed year. I focused on my virtual reality startup, Doghead Simulations. Building a company is hard work but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. The […]