Does Ambition Take the Fun out of Hobbies?

I’m currently reading On Writing, Stephen King’s memoir on how one can shape or mold themselves into a writer. King says writers aren’t born – they’re made. He has a lot of inspirational lines in his book. He has a lot of realistic lines too.

In one of the passages, King says something to the effect that writing should be like coming home. You should feel like yourself, comfortable, and relaxed in your natural environment when you sit down to write. That struck me because this blog feels like coming home. I love that people think my blog is worth following and I value everyone’s comments, likes, and shares. It makes my day when I see the notification bell go off when someone has done so. But, if I had no followers, no views at all I would still write and hit “Publish”.

I think there is so much pressure these days to make extra money and become an influencer from side projects and hobbies. You can’t just do something for the love of it. You have to “hustle” to turn your side project into a “unicorn” and then sell an ebook on how you did it, start a podcast, and then take over the world like Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

For instance, I read an article about what happened to the mommy blogs. The article was saying that marketers found out about mommy blogs and took over the nitch with affiliate programs to sell products and ad space. What was once a community of helpful, real-life stories about parenting has turned into products, courses, and printables being shoved down visitor’s throats. I see this myself, being offered baby sleep journals, activity planners, and whatever other cheap things they can throw at you to be subscribed to the mailing list. Cue the ebook, podcast, and Patreon subscription.

What happened to writing or having hobbies because it was fun? When did it all turn into a drive to make money and become famous? From what I’ve heard money doesn’t buy happiness. Maybe it’s that I’m jealous. I don’t make any money off this blog. Although I do have some Amazon affiliate links strewn throughout like the one below.


When we follow our passions because they bring us the joy we are fulfilled. I think from the joy comes fame and fortune, not the other way around. For instance, when I joined my startup it wasn’t because I was getting a huge payout. I joined for the adventure, for the chance to make something my own. From that work came the rest. Let’s take time to enjoy what fulfills our brain and our hearts. In that acceptance, we can take on the world.


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