Farewell to My Startup: Doghead Simulations

It’s time for a confession.

I no longer work at Doghead Simulations. I left the company I helped found back in May but officially ended my ties this week. I read once that a good founder knows when it’s time to move on. They know when they’ve achieved what they set out to do. Hopefully, that being the company is moving along and thriving without their guiding hand.

I took a risk on Doghead and the startup served me well. I grew and learned about myself in ways I wouldn’t have if I stayed in consulting. My favorite accomplishments were when I flew to Beijing to meet the rest of the co-founders and pitch Doghead for the first time. Speaking at IIEX Europe in Amsterdam is definitely one of my proudest moments. Finally, seeing the idea in our head morph into a real virtual reality that people around the world use. That’s pretty cool.

rumii isn’t finished, as we in software are always building incremental improvements. Our software can always be better, faster, stronger. Doghead has a long road ahead of building the killer experiences that will make VR stick. I know I left the company in the hands of a great team with the passion and experience to succeed.

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Where does that leave me?

For now, I enjoy being home with my son. If you think creating a company from scratch is cool, wait until you do it with a human. It’s amazing seeing him grow from a sleepy baby into a little man. He wants to touch whatever I’m holding, run before he can crawl, and laugh at the simple things like when our dog licks his face or when he flies like an airplane in his dad’s arms.

In the few moments I have off I think about what I want to do next. I love tech and always will but here’s where I think I need a change of scenery. I think writing is pretty cool. I will continue to write here on Lilyotron. Who knows where else my work might pop up.

I think this blog, like anything, serves as a reminder that our careers are not ladders. Our interests do not have to stay isolated to one field. We should feel free to explore, expand, and embrace the world we live in. There is so much to discover. I’ve met so many people along the way from writing about Manufacturing Execution Systems and women in tech, to virtual reality. Thank you for following my journey. My goal is to be a thought leader in VR but I learned that you don’t have to be an industry expert to have a voice, be respected, or feel fulfilled.



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