Use this site to build healthy remote work habits

I was lucky to learn good remote work habits and etiquette by working in a telecommuting friendly company for many years. My work was project based which meant many times my co-workers and clients were remote at least some of the time even if I was on site. After my first project, which I was required to relocate for, my boss told me I could live anywhere I wanted – as long as I was close to an airport.

From then on I worked from home, from coffee shops, from my parent’s house, and hotels. When I managed remote work projects I set core hours, online IM expectations across time zones, and communication methods with clients.

Not everyone is so lucky. For many, remote work is a new lifestyle which they are embarking (or their company is finally opening up to telecommuting). For those where that is the case, I highly suggest this new website my friend, Brad launched:

Check out my interview and others and we give our most helpful tips for working remotely!

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