Enablers of Tomorrow Connects Local VR/AR Communities with the World

The other week was a bit of a roller coaster for me. My interview in the book, What is Virtual Reality? was published. That was cool. However, I also announced that I no longer work at the startup I spent the last two years building.

So, where do we go from here? Fortunately, I had the pleasure of attending Enablers of Tomorrow, a meetup in rumii with virtual reality leaders from all over the world. Enablers of tomorrow is a group of people engaged and supportive of the VR/AR community. Their goal is to lead virtual reality to global recognition and lower the barriers to entry for virtual reality and augmented reality in local communities.

To join the event, I entered the rumii lobby and made my way to the room where the meeting was held. Once I teleported in, I saw a group of avatars in a semi-circle. There was a mix of people in desktop and headset mode. Some people said they were on Oculus Go. Others, like myself, were on the HTC Vive.

It always amazes me when I step into a room of virtual people. Their accents, hand gestures, and tone of voice make me feel like I am almost with them in person. Some people are shy, while a few are quick to voice their thoughts.

Before I knew it, the awe of being in a virtual room with other VR thought leaders and industry experts, passed as we dived into the meeting. I think that’s the point. We aren’t in VR for the sake of VR but to come together as a community and accomplish our goals.

Watch a clip from the meeting below:

Watch a full live stream thanks to the Virtual Reality Girl here.

Join the Enablers of Tomorrow community at enablersoftomorrow.com.


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