[Video] Windows Mixed Reality + Tutorial

It looks like I’m a little late to the party but I discovered the Mixed Reality Viewer over the weekend and boy was it fun! Check out this simple video of me and my new friend, Ice Cream Unicorn.

If you have Windows 10, you can try this out too with the Mixed Reality Viewer.

It’ll be fun to see how mixed reality evolves to where we start seeing it more in real life. For mixed reality to really have the “wow” factor, it needs to be seen with a headset. And while they’ve come down in price (the Acer MR Headset is $399.99) it’s expensive for the everyday person. I can see a product team with access to headsets so they can interact with their 3D models in an immersive, natural way, unlike how Microsoft shows a couple team members huddled around a laptop in this meeting.

I like the creative possibilities with the Mixed Reality Viewer and the ability to create endless 3D models with Paint 3D. By empowering creatives I’m sure we’ll experience more art, video, and projects in 3D. It’s going to take some to change the mindset from 2D to 3D but with technology improvements, I’m sure we’ll get there.

Create your own mixed reality video

  1. Open Mixed Reality Viewer from the Windows search bar.
  2. Click the [Mixed Reality] button.WMR
  3. Double click the 3D model to position it on the screen.
  4. Click [Record].
  5. After recording, click [Edit and Create] to add text, drawings, and 3D effects to your video.photo editor options
  6. Save and Share!

edit video



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