Website Updates and Second Careers

Hello Everyone,

You’ve probably noticed the changes to my blog. It looks more like a website now but no fear! I am writing more than ever. It just may not all be for Lilyotron.

Since leaving my startup, and becoming a mother, I’ve been pondering about what I want to do next. I love being a mom but can’t turn off my thinking cap. I have too much knowledge accumulated over the years to toss it all away. I learned too much building a VR startup. I have overflowing ambition to keep my name out there. Doing that though while being a kick-ass mom at the same time is no easy thing.

Then it hit me, you’re a writer Lily! I always enjoyed writing in school and continued to write professionally. I published a white paper and blog posts at Atos (back up your work people! I can’t seem to find those links anymore). I wrote blog posts for Doghead along with social media content. I also wrote the original website copy for and I even was a contract social media writer for Mixbloom.

So, why not bring my writing skills to the forefront? Lilyotron is now open for business. If you or someone you know needs a professional who is a perfect mix of an analytical thinker and creative problem solver, send them my way.

What’s New?

  1. The home page now lists my business consulting and freelance writing services.
  2. Added a Contact Me page.
  3. Updated the blog side bar text and widgets. It now includes a “buy me a coffee” button which is a fun way to say “thanks” to your favorite bloggers.
  4. Updated the website footer to include site pages, subscription box, and search bar.

What’s Next?

Starting a second career isn’t as simple as I thought but it’s also not as impossible as I thought either.

Here are my goals:

Do you think I can do it? Let me know by “buying me a coffee” with this link.

Thanks for your support as I start this new phase in my life.

Buy Me A Coffee


Big shout out to my friend, Marysa, at Stevens Signature Marketing for encouraging me to take the leap.


2 responses to “Website Updates and Second Careers”

  1. You most certainly can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Pam! I know you always have my back. 🙂


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