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100th Post! Thankful for 2018

Each year we have so much to be grateful for. 2018 is no exception.


Celebrating Entrepreneur’s Day with my Dad

Advice from a seasoned entrepreneur on what it takes to be one.

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6 Resiliency Tactics for Women in Tech

Are you feeling burned out at work? Starting to think tech isn’t the place for you? Try these resiliency tactics to give yourself a fresh start.

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Why Do I Blog?

I blog as a way to process the world around me. I originally started blogging to share my knowledge about implementing manufacturing execution systems. That quickly turned into the best ways to work on global, remote teams. The main theme of my posts is to share the industry knowledge I’ve picked up along my career. […]


What National STEM Day means to me

November 8th is #NationalSTEMDay. Read on the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our lives.

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[Video] Full Keynote: Cintrifuse Tech Series AR/VR

How do I convince my company that augmented and virtual reality aren’t a fad? How do I get started using immersive technology in my business? What are the best business areas to use AR or VR? These are questions that are answered in the keynote address at AR/VR Day during Cincinnati Startup Week. Watch the […]