What National STEM Day means to me

November 8th is #NationalSTEMDay. I like being in STEM because my work goes towards building the future.

One of the first times I was able to put my STEM knowledge to use was in college. I volunteered at a Lego Robotics camp for girls. During the two-week course, I saw the girls’ imaginations blossom. I watched as they worked together to build and program their Lego robots to overcome the challenges we set for them. Together, we visited local manufacturing plants and watched in awe at the robots at work on the assembly line. I hope I was a good role model for them, that it’s cool to be excited about robots.

I saw STEM come together full circle on my first project as an MES consultant. We developed and configured software that operators, engineers, and plant managers used in an engine factory. I witnessed first hand how our software helped the operators build an actual product. There is something magical about multiple systems working together. Software, robots, sensors, and humans all in sync to create a fairly seamless assembly line. Every time I look at a semi-truck I think, is there an engine that I saw being built in that truck?

Being in STEM is great because it’s about making something tangible. On the outside science can seem abstract; we’re not sure where the hypothesis is taking us. But it’s the end goal, like creating organs out of manufactured materials or humans living in space that makes STEM so appealing.

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2 responses to “What National STEM Day means to me”

  1. hannahgracebecker Avatar

    Great post! I work in STEM and you’re so right about there being so many awesome opportunities!!! I made a big career change – agriculture to technology – when I became a military spouse and haven’t looked back. STEM is such an exciting field!!!

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    1. Hi Hannah, thank you for your comment! That is a big career change but the two go hand in hand now. I worked on a project for John. Deere so they could see the spread of the seeds in the field. It was really cool.
      Btw, I’m a big fan of your site. It’s what I wish Lilyotron could be. Haha.


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