Cincinnati Startup Row

In November, Kroger posted the zero hunger, zero waste challenge. After the initial hackathon, the finalists were asked to present at Union Hall. I was proud to see the Innovation Girls on stage. I met the founders, Richard and Rita, at Startup Cincy. Their mission is to guide young girls through the product development life cycle while partnered with local companies. 

It’s exciting to see all that’s happening at Union Hall. In October, I visited to give my keynote for Virtual Reality Day at Cincinnati Startup Week. I was pleasantly surprised by the area. 

Vine St. 

Holtman’s Donut Shop looked delicious.

Union Hall, a workspace for “disruptors and the creative class”, is this cute part of the city. Brick buildings line the street and plenty of people are out walking, shopping, and eating. 

I wish I had gotten more photos of the murals all throughout Cincinnati. There were some really beautiful paintings on the side of buildings all throughout the city. Vine St. was not without its own artistic touch.  

21C Museum Hotel

I definitely recommend staying at the 21C Museum Hotel. The first two floors of the hotel are an gallery open to the public. The art doesn’t end there though. Art books and unique touches are in the rooms. It was a cool experience indeed!