Photo Editors, Digital Minimalism, and History Buffs

The top things I liked this week online.

Prisma – as read about in Augmented Human. Prisma is a photo-editing app that you can apply filters too. What makes it different from Instagram is that it “uses three neural networks that each perform a different task, from analyzing your image to extracting an art style to applying it to the image” (Augmented Human 83). Prisma doesn’t simply overlay a filter, they “create the photo from scratch. So, there is no photo: We took your photo, and then perform some operations and give a new photo to you” (84).

Artisto – Similiar to Prisma, but transforms video instead of still photos.

You Don’t have to live in public – Austin Kleon, author of Show Your Work! and Steal Like An Artist, writes how social media should be used to “work in public” not live in it.

The Cosy Shelf – a post about Digital Minimalism which inspired my own on the subject.

History Buffs on YouTube – Not tech or social media related but a great channel that I just discovered. History Buffs reviews historical movies while telling the true history behind the film.

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