Delete Facebook: A Success Story

What happens when you delete Facebook

I did it guys! I stuck to my word and deleted Facebook.

It was an unceremonious event. I clicked Settings > My Facebook Information > Delete My Account. Bam, done. In 90 days all my Facebook data should be wiped clean. Facebook did want me to know that I could log back in any time in the next 30 days to re-activate my account. No thanks Facebook. I already removed you from my bookmarks bar.

Of course, I did backup my data before deleting my account. I have all my photos, comments, and messages saved to my computer. It’s only been a couple days so I still have the urge to go to Facebook. Ultimately, I feel relief and a sense of accomplishment for not being on the site any longer.

My friends who have already deleted their accounts welcomed me to the Facebook-free club. My brother texted me that I was smart in deleting my account. Maybe he’ll join me.

For me, deleting Facebook turned into more than privacy concerns. Facebook’s business practices and my principles for free speech came into conflict. From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to Facebook paying teens for full access to their phones to de-boosting people and pages based on Facebook’s own biases, enough was enough. If Facebook is doing these kinds of things to one group it means they can (and probably are) doing it to you.

What will I do instead of scrolling through a news feed of ads and outdated friend’s posts? I will read more books, hopefully, write more, and spend more time building lego towers for my son to knock down. Just in time too because the VR Book Club is starting up again!

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Featured Image by Thought Catalog on Unsplash