Marketing in Virtual Reality

What virtual reality means for marketers

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This month for the VR Book Club we’re reading Marketing New Realities by Cathy Hackle and Samantha G. Wolfe.

Why I’m excited about this book

We’re no longer talking about the possibilities for augmented and virtual reality. There are actionable items we can take with the technology. Social media companies already jumped on the VR/AR bandwagon which makes sharing our immersive experiences easier than ever.

I want to learn how to implement actual VR/AR marketing and I hope this book gives me tips and tricks how to do it. I’ve played around with Facebook Spaces (although that won’t be possible now since I deleted Facebook and Spaces was deactivated). I think the question is, can you have a VR/AR marketing strategy without social media? I think this is where WebAR comes into play.

I’m excited about Marketing New Realities because it give a purpose for virtual and augmented reality. We’re still playing around with the technology, what people want and what they’re willing to do with it. Marketing is about the customer and I think VR/AR marketers will help us to learn what everyday people want from immersive technology.

Here’s a good talk I came across on LinkedIn about VR with a purpose.

This post is part of the VR Book Club Series. This month we’re reading Marketing New Realities.

Get Marketing New Realities

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