3 VR Education Trends You Need To Know

Merging Realities is a full day conference about virtual and augmented reality, hosted in VR. This year, Merging Realities took place in AltspaceVR. The conference had a full day’s line up of speakers. This is the second year Merging Realities has taken place.

This year, the conference explored, “education, training and collaboration using VR/AR technologies.” VR Education is a vague term. This conference narrowed down what virtual reality Education means. Education encompasses many industries from corporate training, train the trainer scenarios, online courses, and children in the traditional classroom. Read on to see some of my favorite clips from Merging Realities 2019.

Creative Gamification for Education

One of my favorite presentations of the day was Amanda Fox. She spoke about how she used immersive technology to augment a book she wrote. I loved her talk because she showed a real, value add example of augmented reality. Not only did her talk inspire me with ideas, but she shared apps that let you create your own AR experiences – no code required!

Watch a clip from her presentation

Gamification for Eduction

Train the Trainer

I’ve talked to many organization who want to bring AR and VR into the classroom. Unfortunately, they’re not sure how to go about it or where to start. Julie Smithson gives a great primer on how to bring new tech into the classroom and why virtual and augmented reality have great potential to positively transform teaching and training.

Watch a clip from Julie Smithson’s presentation

Train the Trainer

Evolve Human Learning

This was an interesting presentation! Tyler Forster presents how XR can fuel a human renaissance of human education. He begins talking about how we originally learned, before the industrial revolution. Tyler asks, “is it any wonder why students disengage in the classroom?” His presentation hits on key points that we learn more when moving and how XR facilitates that.

Watch a clip from Tyler’s presentation.

Evolution of Human Learning

What do you think? Do you think VR has a future in education? Let me know in the comments below!

Watch the full conference on Twitch

Featured Photo by Billetto Editorial on Unsplash


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