The Future of ‘The History of the Future’

Another month has gone by which means VR Book Club is back! This month we’re reading The History of the Future by Blake J. Harris. I’m excited for this one. My mom got me The History of the Future a couple months ago. I actually just finished it today and wow. Just wow. It was […]

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Here’s How Virtual Reality Influences Remote Work

Mitko (That Remote Life) and I talk about virtual reality, remote work, and the future of work. Subscribe to That Remote Show to listen now.

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5 Podcast Episodes About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has the power to amaze or deceive. These podcasts explore the history, impact, and future of VR.


Why I’m Grateful to be a Military Spouse

I heard a study on the radio today that the average adult hasn’t made a new friend in the past five years. American adults are more lonely than ever and aren’t sure how to make new friends. This made me sad to hear. It also made me grateful that I’ve been able to make so […]


Boutiques and Eats in West Town Chicago

The best places to shop and eat in West Town Chicago.