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Reflections with My Mother as a Women in Tech

I’m in Michigan for my annual summer trip home to visit my parents. I enjoy the visits, not just because it means I get a break from “momming” but because I get to hear stories from when my parents were my age. I’ve wanted to write my mom’s career story for the longest time. It’s […]

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Why you need to make room for passion projects

Last Friday, June 21, was the first day of summer. I think back to being a kid during summer vacation. The days felt endless. Even though we could stay up much later than during school, we’d still go to bed when it was light outside. Summer was playing outside catching frogs, riding my bike down […]

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Here’s How Charles Dickens Wrote About The History Of The Future

The History of the Future is a modern telling of a Tale of Two Cities. Such a fascinating piece/comparison, Lily! — blake j. harris (@blakejharrisNYC) June 14, 2019 Jump to a Section Best of Times, Worst of Times What’s does this have to do with The History of the Future? The Characters Sacrifice for a […]

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Why Quarter Life Crises are maybe OK

Hi Everyone, Sorry for all the crazy layout changes on the blog. I’m trying to figure out what I want this website to be. But it’s kind of hard to determine that because I don’t know what I want to be. At some point you think you have it figured out what you want to […]