One Friday, Two Guest Posts

One Day, Two Posts

Tech Post, Spouse Post

Today is wrote. Today was fun.

Tomorrow is another one.

Every day, from here to there,

my blog posts are everywhere.

A play on One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

I’m excited because I wrote two guest posts that went live this week. One was for the Military Moms Blog and the other for Society of Military Spouses in STEM. I feel like you haven’t made it as a military mom blogger until you’ve been published in the Military Moms Blog.

Of course I’m excited to write for the Society of Military Spouses in STEM (SMSS) because technology and military life have become so intertwined. So many of us depend on Facebook support groups, mobile apps for video calling a deployed spouse, all the while “loose lips sync ships” lurking in the back of our subconscious.

Scroll on to read more about these posts!

The Deployment Curse

In this post for the Military Moms Blog, I talk about my deployment curse, what the curse is, and how to beat it. Sitting idle was never something I was good at which made this setback a big one.

Read it here! How to Break the Deployment Curse

The Best Secure Texting Apps

In this post for the SMSS blog, I researched and determined the best and worse texting apps for military families. I was surprised to hear that WhatsApp, used by over a billion people worldwide is not the recommended app for private soldier’s communication.

Read it here! The Best and Worst Texting Apps for Military Families


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