Real or AR?

Companies like Ikea have been using augmented reality to see how items like furniture looks in your room for a while. I thought, that’s nifty but not something I’d use.

Then my boy started growing up. I’ve been lamenting over which Lego table to get him for the past few days. Enter Amazon’s “View in YOUR ROOM” feature.

Why not use the AR viewer for pens? Would these LePens work for my lifestyle?

Helen Papagiannis started at game on Twitter called “Real or AR”. Shes posts a video and her followers have to guess if the object is real or augmented reality. I think it’s a fun way to show people how AR fits into their lives and how we can do more with it than create your own SnapChat Lense.

Real or AR via Papagiannis

Viewing the Lego tables in AR was useful because I could show my husband how they fit in the house. He’s deployed and it’s hard for him to envision where the new toys would go. Our son is much bigger then when my husband left, which means the toys are bigger too.

What I once thought was a fun feature suddenly became a valuable tool. #ARfortheWin


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