The Real Social VR Experience

Right now my husband and his sister are upstairs playing Raw Data. Raw Data is a VR game where you fight corrupted robots. This is his sister’s first time in virtual reality. She’s using my HTC Vive.

I hear my husband walking her through how to select different weapons and what buttons to press to teleport. He’s watching what she sees on the computer monitor while she battles robots.

There’s silence, then a loud THUD. My husband yells, “look out behind you!” and his sister shouts in surprise.

“Use your teleport to move behind the barrier”, my husband says.

It sounds like she made it to safety.

This is what I see as social VR. It’s not strangers in the metaverse. It’s friends and family watching each other play games and helping them walk through the nuances of virtual reality.

When I watch my friends in VR I wish I had the following options:

  • Headphones hooked up to hear what they are hearing. Right now we can only watch the computer screen. Hearing what they are hearing will help us help them play.
  • A mic or way to to talk to them that will go to their headphones instead of shouting over the game.

Basically, I want to be in VR with them but at this point it’s expensive enough to get one headset, let alone two (don’t worry, the prices are dropping). I don’t know of a way for two people to play a VR game together locally. Think, an old school LAN party.

Now my husband is walking his sister through the next attack type. Sure, she could figure it out by playing the game, but isn’t it easier to have someone explain it to you who has already figured it out?

This is what I enjoy about virtual reality, seeing my friends and family experience it for the first time. I love how they melt into the virtual worlds and laugh together at the virtual mishaps that happen along the way.

Do you play VR games? What do you think about Social VR? Let me know in the comments below!


2 responses to “The Real Social VR Experience”

  1. I agree, and I think that Rec Room is one of the best examples of social VR today. You can team up in various games and have a great time. Of course, you would need multiple headsets at home to play locally, and then really you are just signing in with multiple accounts. The Oculus Quest is the best headset available right now, and great for social VR. Hopefully prices will come down as more people get on board.

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    1. Hi Roy, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I keep being amazed at the rate new headsets come out. Better, faster, and cheaper (depending) every time!


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