4 Insightful Reader Comments on Virtual Reality

Thank you to everyone who stops by Lilyotron. Reading your comments makes my day. 🙂

“I agree, and I think that Rec Room is one of the best examples of social VR today. You can team up in various games and have a great time. Of course, you would need multiple headsets at home to play locally, and then really you are just signing in with multiple accounts. The Oculus Quest is the best headset available right now, and great for social VR. Hopefully prices will come down as more people get on board.” – Roy

“I do feel like a large portion of the lack of conversation right now, is the top quality vr sets imo aren’t the most affordable. If I was going to splash out, I’d buy something that I know will be top quality and will last a while, but as vr is still a developing technology, it sorta feels like a waiting again. Financially, I’m not ready to invest, but I would never pass up an opportunity of playing if I ever get a chance!” – Growing Kale

“Sometimes I think we’re moving into VR and AR so quickly after the internet came around because like you said there’s enough danger for scammers to begin with but I don’t think slowing the growth and popularity down would help. I don’t know if we’re using all the new technology in the right way either but it certainly catches my eye when it is used.” – Jenna

“What I feel social VR brings is the presence of people together. Jumping into VR creates a collective sense of involvement. It isn’t the same as a 2D social newsfeed. That’s the spark of social VR…being there when distance such as 2,500 miles doesn’t allow you to at that moment. As I’ve heard other say, and have experienced it first-hand, people are the killer app in VR. But for businesses, I agree it definitely will be Ads.” – Navah

Have you tried virtual reality? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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