Blogtober Status Update: Get to Done

Hello Everyone! Today I am sharing my stats and status on how Blogtober is going. When I started, I said I would work in two, two week Sprints. I even came up with a Product Backlog of ideas. Did I “get to done”?

The Product Backlog

Story (As a blogger I want to…)Status
Share about reviewing submissions for SGNC2020Not Started
read Valley of Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon ValleyIn Progress (mentioned in this post)
Share other Blogtober postsDone
Comment on 2 to 3 Blogtober posts Done (thanks for all the great reads!)
Listen to and comment on HBR’s The Anxious AchieverIn Progress(I wasn’t into it as much as I thought)
write about what I was reading this time last yearNot Started
write about the Southern Festival of BooksDone and Done
read FrankensteinNot Started (Valley of Genius is taking me longer to read than I thought)
write a relevant story from my life so that I can practice my memoir writing.Not Started (what story would you like to hear?)
write about three books I meant to read last yearDone
write about what I was doing this time last yearDone
tell a local ghost story because we live near the Bell Witch CaveNot Started
fall into #PureMichiganNot Started
The Smokey MountainsNot Started

Typically, at the end of a Sprint the team does a Sprint Retrospective. This is when they collectively look back at what went well and what didn’t go well during the Sprint. They do this without calling out or placing blame on individuals. In Sprint Retrospectives, teams might also evaluate team mood or other things pertinent to their project.

What Went Well

  • I published one post a day, sticking to the Blogtober Challenge
  • I found new blogs to follow thanks to #Blogtober
  • Leaving comments on other blogger’s posts
  • Lilyotron has gotten more engagement than ever (thank you for reading and commenting!)

What Did Not Go Well

  • Sticking to the Product Backlog. That’s OK because I was inspired by other events and since we’re agile (get it?) we can pivot to do what we need to to finish the project.
  • Sticking to a Fall theme. Unfortunately, Lilyotron is not a lifestyle blog so that makes it harder to do some of more fun, lifestyle type posts. Ones like, what spooky movies are on your watch list or favorite Fall recipes to bake (Pumpkin Nutella Bread for the win!).

Sprint 2 to Get To Done

The next two weeks will be more of a challenge to post daily. I have some travel here and there so will be taking advantage of scheduling posts. All my big events are done for the month so I will have to work harder to find cool things to write about.

Fortunately, there are some relevant “National Days” in October.

October Stats (so far)

Most popular post by views

Social Media, Kids, and Human Trafficking

Most popular post by comments

The Problem with Virtual Reality

Monthly stats

October is on track to be the highest viewed month of the year. Just 100 more views will break February’s record!

Lilyotron Monthly Views

Views by year

THANK YOU for making 2019 my best blogging year ever!

Lilyotron Yearly Views

How is Blogtober going for you? Have something you’d like me to write about? Let me know in the comments below!


2 responses to “Blogtober Status Update: Get to Done”

  1. You’ve still gotten quite a bit done this month! Can’t wait for the ghost story post!

    Liked by 1 person

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