What’s Up with National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day?

Time to celebrate! Today is National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.

On the surface you may wonder, why do we need this day? My computer’s desktop is fine. Or you may think, I just use the search bar to find my files anyways.

After some reading, I think this day has some value. It’s purpose is to take some time to empty your computer’s trash, clean up old files, move photos you no longer look at, and delete unused shortcut icons.

Cleaning my virtual desktop


Taking a quick look, my desktop isn’t too cluttered. I had a couple duplicate shortcuts, some photo folders I moved into my pictures folder. I deleted most of the text files as they were old notes, and I cleaned out my trash.


I feel so much better after cleaning my desktop. I can now enjoy the view of the ocean from from the Florida Keys.

Did you clean your virtual desktop today? Let me know in the comments below!


3 responses to “What’s Up with National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day?”

  1. I clean my work desktop once a week at least because I just put downloads on there so I have to actually file them. My personal laptop needs a good deep clean. I never even started a decent filing system. I only have one folder named projects…. yeah….

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    1. At least you have one folder! Lol. What’s worse for me is my phone. I’ve got apps everywhere.


      1. I have an android so I have certain things on my home screen and then I have the menu. I need to go through and organize the menu though because right now it’s just based on when I downloaded the apps. I’ll probably fumble around for a bit after reorganizing them.


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