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Who, How, and What

Hello! If you’re new here to the blog, I’m Lilyotron. I’m a tech enthusaist who’s passions lie in business analysis, virtual reality, and helping people with by using technology.

I started this blog in 2015 as a way to document my manufacturing execution systems projects. From there it grew as I co-founded a virtual reality startup, and working while being a mom.

Free Time and Happiness

What makes me happy when I have free time is writing on my blog and engaging in interesting conversation.

Visualization to complete goals

I actually did this the summer after my Freshman or Sophmore year of college. I got a job selling kitchen knives. There were a group of us college kids in the office. The person with the highest sales at the end of the month was rewarded.

I put a sticky note on my bedroom door with my top three goals for the week. Things like sell $1,000 or sell the biggest knife block. When I hit a goal I would cross it off my list. Something about looking at my goals every morning worked. I made top salesperson at our office at least once that summer. At the tri-state conference, I sold enough to go on stage and say how much.

What was your first job?

My first job was pet sitting. I watched and fed the neighbor’s dogs, cats, and horses. Once I was could drive, my name got out that I was a good pet sitter and babysitter. It was my first entrepreneurial pursuit. Although, I didn’t realize that I had my own little business at the time.

My first technical job was when I made a website for my friend’s uncle’s riding stable. It was important for me because I learned what it was like to have a real client. Although he was my friend’s family, her uncle wasn’t mine.

Of course!

How about you? What was your first job and why was it important? Let me know in the comments below!

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