Friday Afternoon Wrap Up

This Friday I’d like to post something fun. I got this idea to do a wrap up from blogger, Bees and Books.


I’m starting to feel the drag of Blogtober. I’ve been doing some travelling which makes daily blogging more challenging. I get the feeling other bloggers are feeling the drag too because I don’t get as many hits on my #Blogtober posts as I did in the beginning of the month. Although, that could just be my blog topics! Lol.

What am I reading?

I’m still making my way through Valley of Genius. It’s really interesting and I love making the comparisons between the early days of computing and today. I started off underlining and highlighting sections of book (some of which made it into this post). Now I find myself sitting back and enjoying the ride.

It’s a really good read for anyone who is interested in technology or history.

Who’s Blogtober I liked

Two Book Thieves: Halloween and Autumn Traditions

They have awesome Fall tinted photos in this post. Reminds me of the movie Sleepy Hallow.

J.K. I’m Exploring: Run Disney Update

J.K. I’m Exploring is running the Disney 10k. It’s fun to see her updates and learn about a new race!

Cup of Jo: 7 Easy Halloween Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween cupcake? I did the owl cupcakes before for a birthday party. They turned out nice! Hardly a Pinterest Fail.

Blog Posts

What’s next

Next week marks the home stretch of Blogtober! I hope to go to the Bell Witch Cave and maybe fit another interview with Alexander Berta on cyber security in the 21st century. We’ll see what happens.


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