Motivational Quotes for the Last Week of Blogtober

Blogtober day 28: Three motivational quotes for the final week of Blogtober.

Does your brain ever go blank as soon as you sit down to write? I think that’s a common theme. But we’re at the end of Blogtober so I can’t throw in the towel just yet.

Blog post ideas to complete Blogtober

I have a few ideas brewing. I want to share some tweets from Amanda Fox who shared how she creates teaching plans for virtual reality.

I have another post that I’m pretty excited about but will take more work. It’s about how Will Smith’s new movie, Gemini Man is like Toy Story in terms of technology.

I also have to put together my thoughts from the last chapter I read in Valley of Genius. I read about the founding of eBay. How it started out as a hobby and turned into the commercialization of the internet. I noticed similar themes in thinking the “old hackers” of the 1970’s had towards the new internet programmers.

Writing Inspiration

Here are a few inspiration quotes from writers to help get us through the final days of Blogtober!

I agree but, don’t judge me for when I do 😛

P.S. Why did nobody tell me today was National Chocolate day??

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