Virtual Reality in Education: Creating Instructional Design

Virtual reality for the use of creating educational materials is out of my wheel house but I had to share this thread happening on my Twitter feed. Amanda Fox, podcast host and author of Teachingland, Tweeted out a VR sequence map format to design lessons for virtual reality maps. Her Tweet sparked a other to join how the use VR to create lessons too.

Amanda goes on to say,

“By separating it into parts we ensure the focus is on the learner objectives and what students are doing vs the experience itself. It ensures that the experience does in deed provide some value to help achieve the objectives.”


Amanda goes into more detail on LinkedIn how the design flow works. She breaks the flow into a Before, During, After, and Create/Apply/Revise flow.

I think it’s pretty cool that people like Amanda are able to make careers into building workflows for virtual reality. My background in business analytics geeks out whenever it sees a good workflow. Virtual reality adds another dimension to that because of it’s immersive, three dimensional nature.

While I’m hesitant for our kids to use VR, I think it’s great for them to learn how to think through process flows. It teaches logic, creativity, and how to work with others.

Featured Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash


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