Why You Should Introduce Yourself To Everyone At Work

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My friend’s work recently switched to rolling desks and an open floor plan. No longer assigned to a specific seat, my friend has the opportunity to sit next to someone new each day. Try introducing yourself officially to that person you pass in the hallway or maybe you see a new employee, say “hello”!

Today’s Assignment: Introduce yourself to a someone new at work

Take the time today to introduce yourself to someone new at work. This could be an actual new coworker or someone you pass in the the lunch room every day but have never actually said, “hi”. Introducing yourself to people outside of your team and department can lead to new opportunities.

Check out this video on how to introduce yourself.

As you can see from this video it doesn’t have to be scary to introduce yourself to someone. It only takes a few minutes to tell someone your name and learn their name in return. Open the introduction with something about how you always seem to see each other at the same time each day or maybe you say them recognized for something at work.

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