Use These Declutter Tips To Stay Sane At Your Desk


1st Quarter Refresh

The 1st Quarter Refresh is a 15 day challenge in helping you start off the year right. We tackle one task a day. Sign up now if you want to join (it’s free).

A messy desk might mean you’re a creative thinker but that doesn’t mean we don’t all have that one drawer that could be cleaned out or that area behind the computer that could be dusted. Take a few minutes to clean and re-organize a drawer or toss old papers and wipe down the surface (especially if you lunch at your desk).

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Today’s Assignment: Deep Clean Your Desk

Round 1: Quick Sweep

Get a box or tote bag and set the timer on your phone to 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds do a quick sweep of the top of your desk.

Put pens back in their holder and anything else that doesn’t have a place in the box. At the end of the 30 seconds, put the items in the box where they belong or throw away the ones you no longer have use for.

Round 2: Deep Clean

This is where we’ll deep clean your desk, drawer by drawer. To make it less intimidating, you can do a drawer a day instead of your whole desk in one day.

  1. Set the timer on your phone to five minutes.
  2. Take everything out of your desk drawer and wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel.
  3. Toss or give away anything you no longer use – conference swag, old notebooks, dried up pens… you get the picture.
  4. Put what you use back in drawer (check out this drawer organizer to keep things tidy).
  5. Repeat these steps for remaining desk drawers.

Here are a few ways to participate in the Refresh Challenge:

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