How to Make a Bucket List for Your Professional Goals

1st Quarter Refresh

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Bucket lists often take the same track as New Year Resolutions and ambiguous goals. If they’re met, that’s great! But bucket list items usually only appear in our day dreams.

Make your professional bucket list a reality with today’s challenge.

Is there a project you want to work do? A specific team you want to work with? Maybe you want to try working with a different department. Put the list somewhere you’ll see it and mark items off as you accomplish them.

I checked off one of my 2019 bucket list items by attending a conference.

Today’s Assignment: Make a professional bucket list for the year

  1. Name your bucket list.
  2. Identify your goals. Do you want to speak at a conference, lead a demo of at your company’s booth, get that promotion or earn a new certificate? Write down your professional goals. Leave space for additional steps.
  3. Pick out the bucket list items that you know you can accomplish this year.
  4. Underneath applicable list items, write down any steps you need to take to check that bucket item as complete.
  5. Save your list in a place where you’ll see it every day. Remember the phrase, “out of site, out mind”? Seeing a daily reminder of your list will help you to stay on task and reach your goals.

If seeing the bucket list all at once is too overwhelming, try breaking it down into into categories. Possible categories could be:

  • Quarters: what you can achieve in the 1st quarter of the year, 2nd quarter and so on.
  • Education: this category could include certificates, learning something new from a mentor or coworker.
  • Personal Growth: Is could include giving a talk or joining a new professional organization.
  • Annual Review: Use this category for any specific bucket list items you need to hit for your company’s annual review.

Here are a few ways to participate in the Refresh Challenge:

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