How to Prepare for the Educators in VR Summit

What is the Educators in VR Summit?

Educators in VR is “an open, global, cross-platform community of educators, researchers, and trainers exploring and collaborating with and in virtual and augmented reality.”

Educators in VR is put on a summit to further expand their mission of being the “connective tissue between academia and businesses in the VR education industry.” The Summit took place across multiple VR platforms, over 6 days, with 150 speakers, and over 100 hours of events and presentations.

Get ready for #EducatorsInVR‘s first VR International Summit! 6 days, 150 speakers and over 100 round-the-clock hours of events & presentations in #socialVR

Educators in VR Twitter


Start: Monday, February 17, 2020

End: Saturday, February 22, 2020

Who is Presenting

Educators in VR is founded by Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Lorelle VanFossen.

The summit boasts over 100 speakers like Alvin Graylin, China President at HTC, and Forbe’s Tech Columnist and author, Charlie Fink. Prominent VR industry leaders like Ryan Schultz, Amanda Fox, and Alan Smithson will also be presenting.

Where to Attend the Summit

According to the Educators in VR website, presentations are happening across multiple platforms this year. Make sure you have an account set up on each platform so you can hope right in to hear your speaker.

The majority of presentations are in AltspaceVR. Check out the schedule, you may only have to sign up for one platform.

List of Session Platforms

Do I need VR to Attend?

The short answer: no.

AltspaceVR has a desktop version and mobile app. The majority of sessions are at AltspaceVR so you should be able to catch them even if you can’t hop into VR.

I also heard they’ll be live streaming some events and recording others on the Educators in VR YouTube channel. If you’re not able to make it in VR or in real time, check out their YouTube.

Amanda Fox, co-host of The VR Podcast, is going to try and do mini-podcasts of the Summit throughout the week as well.

Why You Should Go

This summit is a great chance to meet veterans in the industry and startup founders. Even if you’ve never used virtual reality before, I encourage you to check out a few sessions to see how people use different virtual and augmented reality tools as well as defining best practices like integrating VR into workplace safety.

What I’m Attending

Filmed a segment for Good All Over where students in Nashville met with students in Tanzania in VR

What do you think of the Educators in VR summit? What sessions will you attend? Let me know in the comments below!

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