Reading on the Weekend

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Today is one of those days that should be spent outside. It’s 60 degrees in February. Even in a Southern state like Tennessee that’s kind of a fluke. Winter in Tennessee is cold and rainy. Not cold enough to turn the rain into snow but cold enough for the rain to send a chill through your bones.

My son loves going outside in the rain. The warm kind before a thunderstorm where the air feels like hot shower just turned off. He collects rain water from the drainage spout in sand castle buckets. He splashes in the puddles and I sit back on the porch with a cup of coffee.

It’s not raining today though. The sun is shining and even though the wind is chilled, under the sun it’s warm.

But now I find myself in front of the computer with a need to write. Too many days in a row without publishing a blog post sends me into withdraws.

President’s Day

This weekend is a DONSA for the Army. DONSA stands for Day Of No Scheduled Activities – essentially a four day weekend. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t have that luck. The sick don’t take days off.

Monday is President’s Day. President’s Day was originally instituted as a day of remember our first president of the United States, George Washington. It’s now a day to celebrate all presidents and an effort to give American workers an extra three day weekend.

What I’m Reading

I started reading Valley Forge by Simon and Schuster. It’s a dense book but it does make me want to read more about George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and our other founding fathers. I didn’t realize how young most of them were during the fighting, many in their 20s.

I also didn’t realize how fascinating of a character Lafayette is. Already rich, he married up into French royalty. He spent time at Versailles, basically had the life. But he thirst for battle and glory. So he learned English, left his wife behind, and headed to the Colonies to fight the British (they did kill his father after all). However, to go to the Colonies to fight the British was illegal because France was trying to keep peace with Britain.

Thank you for reading! What are you up to this weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. The Educators in VR Summit starts Monday February, 17. More on that later.

Educators in VR - International Summit Template - Altspace world art

P.P.S. If you haven’t checked it out yet, give my Book Review of Bad Blood a listen.

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One response to “Reading on the Weekend”

  1. I used my leap day to start reading a new sci-fi book and to do absolutely nothing else. It’s a cloudy cool day in my location, but it was about 85 degrees two days ago. The cooler weather makes me want to relax, sip a hot beverage, and read or write.

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