Creating the Future of Women in STEM Today

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Today I want to share an organization that I’ve helped out a tiny bit with. It’s called innoVationGirls. I met the founders, Rita David and Richard Zreik at Cincinnati Startup Week when I gave my keynote on virtual reality.

Rita David & Richard Zreik

They had an idea to introduce groups of girls to companies to work on real life business problems and products. I thought it was a great idea. What better way to get a sense of what you can do as a kid then actually get a glimpse at how companies work?

Rita and Richard had the idea of scaling their organization through virtual reality. This way they could teach groups of girls their innovation methods like Rita and Richard’s “process of Systematic Inventive Thinking” as well as introduce the girls to their business partners – all unbound by physical location.

I’m sharing innoVationGirls today because they are one of the nominees for the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and they need your vote!

When asked about what inspired Rita and Richard to start innoVationGirls, they stated it was their two girls. “Women make up 13% of STEM fields… we decided to challenge the status quo.” The FedEx grant will allow innoVationGirls to scale via virtual reality.

“FedEx grant allows us to scale, reaching girls across the world through cutting edge virtual technology.”


Help innoVationGirls get closer to winning up to $50,000 by voting for them in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

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