Lilyotron + No Code Devs = 🔥

Hello everyone!

Happy Monday. 🙂

I am excited to announce… I joined the No Code Devs team as their Chief Product Officer!

I’ve only been a part of the No Code world for a little while but in that time I’ve met wonderful people, seen the strong community, and actually built web apps!

With No Code, as long as you have an idea and the wherewithal to figure out the tools, you can build it. I think that’s an amazing thing.

What attracted me to No Code Devs is their mission for people to learn how to build apps, websites, and online tools without code for FREE. They do this through weekly challenges (that you can win money doing). When it comes to No Code, doing is learning.

What does this mean for virtual reality?

I think the future of augmented and virtual reality is giving creation power to the people (also getting everyone a headset). I see a natural joining of forces between immersive technology and No Code.

The more people we have making XR apps and experiences the more we can open the door to the virtual world.

What can do you do?

  1. Follow @NoCodeDevs on Twitter
  2. Join a No Code challenge!

Do you know a VR or AR maker platform that doesn’t require code? Interested in sponsoring a challenge?

Please let me know at lily[at]!

Featured Photo by tanialee gonzalez on Unsplash


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