Copycat Tap Bio App

Last night, while staying up too late browsing Instagram, I found a new app. It’s called Tap Bio.

You know how Instagram only allows for one link from you profile? Well Tap Bio is a place to host all your links, Instagram pics, as well as a few other features.

I signed up for Tap Bio but quickly learned the free version only lets you have one screen. I thought, I should be able to make this same thing with Glide Apps. And if I can do it, anyone can.

I decided to make a copycat app based off Emma Lovewell’s Tap Bio profile.

How to make a Tap Bio using Glide Apps

Watch this video to see how I made a copycat version of Emma Lovewell’s Tap Bio using Glide + Google Sheets.

The Final Version

I made the Glide App version in about an hour. A lot of that time was playing with the layouts. This is only my second no code app made with Glide!

The next time you feel limited by an app’s paywall think, can I make this myself? I’m starting to learn that you can.

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