The Exciting Future of the No Code Maker Community

The no code community has boomed: the market for no code and low code platforms is expected to grow from $3.8 billion in 2017 to $21.2 billion in 2022. While the term “no code” has existed for as long as code itself has, visual development as a consumer software product has really taken off within the past couple years. The no code community reshaped how companies create products and who they make products for.

Suddenly, it’s not just businesses who need blogs or e-commerce websites or to create iOS applications – it’s individual creators. Since it’s easy to get started with no code, these platforms open up a lot of opportunities and career paths to everyone.

Let’s see where this market is headed over the next couple years and how it began.

The original idea behind no code tools was to provide business capabilities to non-technical professionals. Now, this inclusive community is the future of many industries. It all started with Dreamweaver – or at least that’s the first memorable consumer-facing product most people can remember working with in the 90s. People built static websites without any coding required. Though these feel rudimentary looking back, they were the start of a movement for people looking to build without having a formal education or training in programming.

Today, we have tools like Webflow, Shopify, Carrd, and countless others. From there grew no code application builders, such as Bubble and Adalo and Thunkable. Technical users benefit from these types of software platforms as they speed up their processes, too. You can find developers building templates on these platforms for no code builders to use and makers who specialize in these tools to create for clients or businesses.

“Being the base that allows someone to turn their idea into a real business with ease and speed – that’s the true reward of no code platforms.”

Samantha Lloyd, Metaranx Co-founder and CEO

Most exciting, in my opinion, is you have applications built on these no code platforms that have become full companies of their own and are even raising serious valuations from investors. There is nothing more thrilling than building a drag-and-drop software platform that enables creators to not only make something meaningful for themselves but enables them to share and sell their creations or build brands and companies that make an impact. Being the base that allows someone to turn their idea into a real business with ease and speed – that’s the true reward of no code platforms. I see the future of no code platforms as being the launch points for all types of entrepreneurs looking to build out their product themselves.

The no code community is the next big thing for Artificial Intelligence (AI), too. AI will be dramatically impacted by the influx of new creators and makers shaping that space. Pair the growth of the no code community with artificial intelligence and you’ve got an explosive new market in the AI industry, which is in need of democratization and improved accessibility.

We look forward to seeing the types of AI applications that users build and how creators apply AI to their businesses and lives. More than that, we look forward to entrepreneurs launching their AI startup idea into a business without having to code. No code is the future of many industries and as this market and community continues to grow, I know we’ll see great things created.

Samantha Lloyd is the co-founder and CEO of Metaranx, the no code AI builder. She is a digital marketing expert who lives for a good content swap and some well-played SEO. In her free time, Samantha hosts the Toronto startup podcast, Float or Founder, and enjoys her city’s endless food options with the people she loves.


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