Remote Work Survey Results Are Here

Last month I started a survey for people who moved to remote work due to Coronavirus. Coronavirus pushes companies to implement remote work as their states went into lockdown effects. Those of us in the remote work community cheered (not for Coronavirus or lockdowns) for the new ranks of workers who we hoped would make remote work the norm.

I couldn’t help but wonder how successful these newly formed remote teams would be. Did they have the proper tools to work remotely? Did their leadership understand how to manage remote teams? Did companies share any training before sending everyone off to work from home?

One of my friends complained it was too difficult for her to do some of her work because her company didn’t have a SharePoint setup so she wasn’t able to access some of the files she needed.

My dad, a professor, said his university didn’t have a video meeting system in place to hold online classes. They had to figure it out on the fly. Side note, my dad wanted to “test Zoom” with me. He got so excited when he figured out how to share his screen so we could watch Black Sails together.

The Survey Results

First, it is really hard to get people to take a survey! My goal was to get 100 submissions but I ended up with 24.

Also, many people in my network worked remote before Coronavirus so some of the results like “how many days a week did you work remote before Coronavirus” may be skewed.

The survey was 10 questions pertaining to people who had to move to remote work because of Coronavirus.


One response to “Remote Work Survey Results Are Here”

  1. This is so interesting! One of my friends is still in school that is very hands on and it’s not online and he keeps getting frustrated and 99% of that frustration comes from the fact things aren’t presented in the format they’re created for.
    I think for work so much is done over email and calls anyway that it’s probably an easier transition.
    I wouldn’t have even thought about having companies pay for the internet and phone bills while people are working from home. Good on that 4%!

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