National Manufacturing Day

“Today, as we celebrate National Manufacturing Day and our Nation’s exceptional manufacturing heritage, let us resolve to expand American excellence in manufacturing into the future, securing our national prosperity for generations to come.”

Donald J. Trump

It’s National Manufacturing Day! What a time to be alive and work in the field. Manufacturing is an industry that embraces technology while sticking to it’s core competencies: making stuff.

I’ve seen all kinds of things being made in plants. It was fascinating to me to see the different steps that it takes to build a semi truck engine or knee replacement. I also enjoyed seeing the different levels of technology put in place in the plant. There’s nothing like seeing a successful software and hardware implementation to improve how the products are made as well as help the engineers and operators jobs.

What is National Manufacturing Day

National Manufacturing Day was first proclaimed in 2012 by New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. President Barack Obama signed the Presidential Proclamation in 2014. Since then it’s been a day for manufacturers to open their doors to inspire the next generation of engineers, operators, mathematicians, and technologists to work in manufacturing. In fact, “manufacturers seek to fill 4.6 million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs over the next decade.”

Manufacturing is particularily important in the age of pandemics. We’ve seen countries halt supply chains to keep PPE and essential goods for their own citizens. Now more than ever we see “the vital importance of our Nation’s manufacturing sector to the strength, security, and resilience of our country has become abundantly clear.”

“American workers have pioneered the greatest advancements in history, and they will overcome this latest challenge as well and continue to transform lives around the world.” 

Donald J. Trump

In honor of this day, here are some of my favorite posts on manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology Trends for 2020

At FABTECH 2019 I attended a panel about emerging tech trends in manufacturing. Panelists included Mike Walton, Jason T. Ray, and Chandra Brown. This is what they had to say. For small manufacturers, the future is digital In 2020 the speed of change will be the common denominator. You can’t be a fast follower in…

IT & Manufacturing – It’s a Woman’s Game

This post is inspired by the article, “Women’s Work: A Glimpse at the Changing Face of Manufacturing”. Reading this post made me think about how I found myself in the world of manufacturing. After reading the article, I believe it really does mean something different to be a woman in the field. I don’t work in a factory every day or…

How Manufacturers Use Augmented Reality on the Shop Floor

Emerging and Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing in 2020 The FABTECH Expo is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. It was a pretty cool expo. There were large machines that demonstrated how they cut different material. I attended the panel, Leadership Exchange – Emerging & Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing in 2020. On…

VR, IoT, and Manufacturing

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and the general suite of XR technologies are empowered by the internet of things. Artificial intilligence, connected devices, and big data add another layer of value to VR and AR. With the help of IOT, VR and AR can improve business processes. VR/AR and IoT make a lot of sense in…

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