No Code Advent Calendar

When Glide Apps put out the Holiday template challenge I knew I wanted to compete. The question was, what to make? I wanted to make something that didn’t have to do with buying presents and spending money. That’s where the advent calendar came in.

Advent calendars are a way to count down until Christmas. Every day you can open the box, tab, or digital button to check off the next day. Some advent calendars have chocolate. Mine has the top buzzwords in tech from 2020.

Glide App Challenge

The challenge was to create a template that could be listed in the Holidays category on Glide. The catch was that it needed at least one function. The app had to do something. Mine uses an If/Then statement to decide which picture to display on the advent calendar. It took a little trouble shooting as my “Day” column wasn’t set as a date format.

Make your own Advent Calendar

Featured Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

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