The Little Joys in Life

I bought myself a new laptop. It’s a beautiful Dell XPS 15 in white.

Let’s test out this typing thing.

It’s always good to test when you get a new keyboard.

Sometimes it can be hard to get used to something new but I think it’s always good to try.

You may love it at first, think it’s the best. Then, maybe you second guess yourself. But in the end it’s a good decision because you have to make it work.

I’m so excited for this computer because it’s the first one that I bought in a long time. The last computer I bought was in college. It was a slate computer before tablets and iPads were a thing. I could write on it with a stylus. I thought I was so ahead of the times because I could sync my Word docs to the Cloud. Microsoft had first released that capability. Most people still carried around flash sticks.

My first “tablet” looked something like this. We called them “slates” at the time.

The one I’m typing on I picked out all on my own. I did research. I chose it because it was good and the reviews said it had a great keyboard for typing. That’s what I wanted. A great keyboard for typing. That’s because I’m a writer.

Now I have to stay a writer because I bought an expensive a** laptop so I have to make the darn thing worth it!

It’s good that I like writing and I like technology. Plus, this screen man, it’s beautiful! The bezel is slim so the whole screen is yours.

They keyboard is amazing and the touchpad is like butter. Seriously! Try it out!

Maybe I’m so blown away because my current (now old) laptop is a refurbished hand-me-down from 2016. But it’s better than the work laptop I had at the time.

I had to update my desktop background image because it was taken with an old smart phone. The image was taken from 2015. I had a Samsung Galaxy 5 or 6. The image taken with that camera was of the Florida Keys when I drove down from Georgia. The image can’t compete with this screen.

Thankfully, there’s Unsplash to tie me over until I take some new pictures. Maybe not. They say for concentration you shouldn’t put any photos as your background that make you want to look at your devise. The point is digital minimalism!

From what I read though, we’re all turning digital. There won’t be anything to minimize because we’ll minimize ourselves. COVID has advanced our representations as avatars as we talk to CGI influencers on Instagram. Yes, I discovered Lil Miquela and “people” like her. Artists are going digital too like Travis Scott in Fortnite.

What does that mean for people who aren’t online? Who aren’t connected and making apps and seeing that their world is disappearing? Do you think people are giving up on reality because “climate change”? It’s easier to live online, where you don’t have to think about any of it. In the digital world, we can make it anything we want it to be. It’s escapism that’s being monetized. Companies and brands are inching their way in. They’re sly and cool and innovative. There’s no where to run and the world seems small.

That is, until you step outside. Go to a park or nature trail and suddenly there is breath and space and fresh air. Leave the cell phone in the car. Put the smart watch on silent. Enjoy the sounds of nature, the rustle of the leaves, and the sun on your face – but not too much sun. We don’t have nanorobots yet to fight the cancer.

Featured Photo by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash

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