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1st Quarter Refresh

The 1st Quarter Refresh is a 20 day challenge in helping you start off the year right. We tackle one task a day. Sign up now if you want to join (it’s free).

If you’re anything like me, you struggled to set goals and resolutions for 2021. While everyone was sharing what they accomplished in the final days of 2020, I could only think of my lowered expectations for the new year. My friend and I talked on New Year’s Eve how we would be happy taking a good vacation in 2021. That’s it. A nice, beachy, sun-filled vacation.

But in true Lilyotron style, I knew that would not be enough. It’s the first day of the New Year and I am motivated to make my goals and start with a fresh outlook. Who says you have to know all your goals on day one? I think the whole month of January should be for goal setting. We’re different people now. We survived a worldwide pandemic. We proved our resiliency. We have to set the bar higher in 2021 because we discovered we’re capable for more than we thought.


Introducing the 1st Quarter Refresh

This year’s 1st Quarter Refresh I am borrowing from home organizations books like The Home Edit. What do house organization and tidying up books have to do with our professional lives? A whole lot. The Home Edit says to take everything out of the drawer, create groupings so you can “see what you’re dealing with, then throw away what is longer needed or what you don’t like. That should be our professional lives.

Ah, so refreshing.

We have to take a look at everything in our professional junk drawer, take it all out, throw away what we no longer need and re-organize what we want to keep.

Sign up for the 1st Quarter Refresh!

Sign up for (free) 20 days of mini-challenges – designed to give you a professional head start into the New Year.

What is the 1st Quarter Refresh?

The 1st Quarter Refresh is a 20-day program all about preparing yourself for the new year. It’s guided by me, Lily Snyder. If you’re signed up for the 1st Quarter Refresh, I’ll send 20 assignments (one a day) straight to your inbox starting on Monday, Jan. 4.

Featured Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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