How to Decide What to Work on Next

1st Quarter Refresh

The 1st Quarter Refresh is a 20 day challenge in helping you start off the year right. We tackle one task a day. Sign up now if you want to join (it’s free).

This week we’re focusing on cleaning out our metaphorical “play place”. The play space is the area in our lives with all the things we want to do. Start a blog, post on LinkedIn, become a solopreneur… at some point we have to admit what we have time for and what we don’t. There are lots of things I want to try and get good at. But I have to get real with myself that there are only so many things I can do at one time.

In The Home Edit, Clea and Joanna suggest, if you wonder if your kids will miss something once it’s gone, move it to the garage or storage closet for a couple of months. They call this “purge purgatory” but I like to think of it as the same thing but for projects. Last year, I discovered No Code, and loved it! It was so fun to “build” something with my own hands again. But I got overwhelmed by people who were much better by me and the other priorities at work and home.

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Your Assignment: Declutter your “play space” (all the things you want to do outside of your day job)

Go through every category:

  • Education Goals 🎓
  • Personal Branding 🤳🏼
  • New Skills 🤸🏼‍♀️
  • Hobbies 🎨
  • Work related projects 💻

Collect everything from one of the categories above and put everything out in the open (like on sticky notes) only keep something if:

  • You like it… ️❤️
  • And it fits your current goals… 🎯
  • And you’ve worked on it in the past year. 📅


Here are a few ways to participate in the 1st Quarter Refresh:

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