Clean out your swag bag

1st Quarter Refresh

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If you’re anything like me, I love all the little pieces of swag you get at conferences. Pens? Hand them over. Flimsy note pads? Yes please. Crappy back pouch to hold everything that I’ll never use again? I’ll take it.

Honestly, where does it all go? I throw the conference swag into my suitcase never to be used (except for that one journal from IIeX. That was legit.). So, this today’s assignment is easy. Get rid of that conference swag!

You know the swag bag

Today’s Assignment: Declutter your conference swag

Go through your

  • Suitcase… 💼
  • Backpack… 🎒
  • Desk Drawers… 🪑

and throw away (or donate if applicable) the conference swag you don’t use. This includes business cards. Add folks you want to keep in contact with on LinkedIn or take photos of the cards then into the recycling bin they go!


Here are a few ways to participate in the 1st Quarter Refresh:

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